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Private Health Insurance is very popular in Ireland, with 46% of the population having some level of cover. Some of the key reasons why private health insurance is so popular include the fast admission to excellent quality private healthcare services, relative affordability and also the fact that after a pension scheme, employees value access to private health insurance as being the next most desirable occupational benefit.

Vhi is the largest health insurer in Ireland and has been in the Irish market for 60 years. With over one million customers, we’re the only health insurer in Ireland to own and operate our own screening centres, urgent care facilities and medical homecare services, all expertly staffed by leading healthcare professionals.


Our expertise and flexibility enables us to deliver market leading corporate healthcare plans that meet the ever-changing requirements of businesses. Having provided health insurance to corporate customers all over Ireland for the last 60 years, we have experience dealing with a vast array of organisation types from SMEs and indigenous firms right up to multinational organisations relocating in Ireland.

Rebalance - Vhi's Health and Wellness Programme

At Vhi, we know that when employees nurture both body and mind it can lead to happier employees and better business results. That's why our health and wellbeing programme is focused on engaging employees in a culture of wellbeing both in work and at home.

To find out more about what we can offer our corporates, visit


Siobhán Gahan

Head of Business Development

tel: +353 1 7997068




Vhi Healthcare DAC

Vhi House, Lower Abbey Street,  Dublin 1, Ireland

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