Tomkins has been part of Ireland’s evolving innovation and business scene for over 80 years. Our Intellectual Property expertise covers innovative products, designs and processes, tangibles such as trademarks and brands, copyright, and even entire business models. We help our clients generate value and wealth from their intangible assets, as well as assistance organising their businesses around those assets.

Our patent attorneys and trade mark attorneys have helped secure IP legal rights on an international basis by helping clients maximise the scope of their patent, trade mark protection and monopoly both in the European market and around the world. Our expertise includes: Life Sciences, ICT, Engineering, MedTech, Pharma,  Trademark and Brand protection.

Our international clients accounting for over 70% of our business. We also directly manage global IP for select clients, and act as preferred European partner of other clients, within their international team.

One major focus is helping US companies secure European IP, in particular European patents and trade marks. Ireland like the US is based on a common law system so we know how important it is for US companies to have their voice heard on securing their IP rights. Being English-speaking, within the Euro zone and an hour closer to the US than mainland Europe means US companies find their relationships with us easy

The Gateway to Europe Expo gives us an opportunity to let more US C-level execs and their attorneys know of the benefits of securing European IP through Ireland, and Tomkins.



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