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DUAL Asset has insured over $500bn worth of real estate, renewable energy, company and infrastructure assets in 48 countries, since we set out to flip the title insurance market on its head in 2013.

Our mission is to provide insurance products that help buyers, sellers and developers of assets to manage risk. We provide a suite of insurance OPTIONS to manage risks and unlock transactions, investment and finance globally.

We are now the largest writer of title insurance risks based in Europe, providing transactional and finance risk solutions to over 2,000 clients.


For mergers and acquisitions, DUAL Asset provide a suite of insurance OPTIONS to help sellers and buyers manage risk.

  • Fundamental Top Up. DUAL Asset can provide a simple “follow form” policy that mirrors the terms negotiated in your Warranty and Indemnity policy. We can provide limits of up to £1bn.

  • Title to Shares and Title to Property Insurance. Standalone insurance policy that provides you with full ownership, capacity and use cover across your purchase. With 26 insured events across the policy, it is the most comprehensive insurance package available and captures identified risks. We cover the gaps left behind by other transactional risk insurance products.

  • Specific Risk Cover: Tailor made insurance solutions for identified and “live” risks that block the transaction. This product covers identified risks relating to permits, easements, boundaries, ownership, encumbrances, boundary disputes and other identified issues that prevent the ongoing use of the property.

  • Loan Portfolios: DUAL Asset can provide a comprehensive lender’s policy that provides cover in relation to the warranties provided by the seller in relation to the ownership, capacity and enforcement of the loans being sold.



For property development and finance, we provide bespoke solutions that unlock investment and allow developments to progress on time.


We have an array of specific risk options (also known as Legal Indemnity Insurance) that unlock finance/investment and allow developments of real estate, renewable energy and infrastructure projects to continue.

Our insurance is designed to provide investors and lenders with indemnity for identified potential third party challenges that threaten the ongoing use of the asset. These identified risks can often delay or stop finance/investment, but we can provide a solution that protects the client from risk and allows the deal to continue quickly and stress free. Our insurance solutions give comfort to the investors and lenders that if the worst should happen, they will be protected by our policy.


Paul McGennis NEW B&W.jpg


Paul McGennis BCL, LLM (Comm Law)

Head of DUAL Asset Ireland

tel: +353 (0) 862438279


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DUAL Underwriting Ireland DAC trading as DUAL Asset is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. Registered in Ireland No.633531. Registered office: 98 St Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2 D02 V234. 


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