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Who we are:

CXC helps clients optimise their Global Contingent Workforce programmes since 1992. Represented in 100+ countries, we continuously deliver borderless talent solutions.

CXC pioneered and leads the way in global contingent workforce management solutions and is supported by a proven history in compliance and innovation relating to contractor management.

Truly vendor neutral, CXC is focused on optimising talent recruitment channels, ensuring optimum workforce compliance and cost efficiency.

Challenges we solve:



  • We ensure 100% compliance to protect you from worker misclassification, permanent establishment, tax issues and other risks.

Global Payroll

  • We compliantly pay international workers in their local currency, and issue you with one global invoice in your currency of choice.

Visibility & Cost control

  • We provide detailed reporting to help you understand your workforce — and our pricing is transparent and fair.

Access to talent

  • We create opportunities to source, engage and pay skilled workers anywhere in the world.

Global expansion

  • We can act as your trusted partner in the global expansion process, helping you to avoid pitfalls, jump compliance hurdles and scale your business globally with confidence.

Services we provide:

  • Global Payroll

  • MSP


  • CXC Comply

  • On-Demand talent sourcing

  • Direct Sourcing

  • RPO

  • Contractor Management Outsourcing

  • Consulting




Why we’re different

We simplify the complex world of work:

Managing a contingent workforce can be complicated. We create solutions that make contractor management easy, compliant and affordable for our clients. We take the hassle out of finding, engaging and paying contractors anywhere in the world, so you can focus on expanding your business globally — with CXC as your trusted advisor.


We offer local solutions across a global footprint:

We’re a global organisation. Our geographic footprint spans five continents, and we work out of more than 30 offices all over the world. That means we understand the benefits of operating a business on an international scale — but it doesn’t mean we’re only focused on the big picture.

Yes, we have a deep understanding of the global workforce landscape. But we also have in-country staff on the ground, providing localised, personalised services to clients and contractors, in their own language.


We work with your tech, not against it:

We use our proprietary MyExchange platform to create automated workflows that streamline and simplify the entire contractor lifecycle until your workforce practically manages itself.  Plus, we provide both comprehensive reporting on your workforce, and accurate benchmarking from our 15,000 contractors worldwide. We also understand that introducing a new tech tool creates extra work —  so if you need us to integrate within your existing stack, that’s fine by us.

We are exceptionally knowledgeable about compliance and risk:

Compliantly managing and paying contractors all over the world is what we do — and we’ve been doing it for more than 30 years.

When it comes to compliance and risk management, we know our stuff. And because we’re not limited by one platform or tech tool, we can solve niche problems for our clients, whatever they are.

We are a people-driven business:

We believe that people are every organisation’s strongest asset, including ours. Yes, we use technology to help our clients meet their business goals. But everything we do is underpinned by insights from our knowledgeable team, and our services are built around a core of real, human interactions. That’s what makes us different.

We provide tailored solutions that work for our clients:

Every business is different, and every workforce is too. Our goal is to help our clients untangle the complex world of contingent workforce management by creating solutions that make sense for them.

We’re constantly evolving to meet our clients’ changing needs. And if those needs change in the future? No problem. We provide the flexibility you need to scale your solution up or down as your situation changes.


What we stand for:

  • Transparency and honesty

  • Doing the right thing for clients and contractors

  • 100% compliance, every time

Want to know more?

Please visit our website –

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Connor Heaney​​​​

Managing Director ‑ EMEA

t: +353 1 697 2802

m: +353 85 740 9210




CXC Global,

51 Bracken Road, Sandyford, Dublin, D18 CV48, Ireland

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