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About Us

Our Vision

Established in 2012, Ireland Gateway To Europe is a not-for-profit collective of Irish service providers who showcase Ireland as Europe's premier investment location through events in the US and UK.

Our group promote bilateral transatlantic trade:  to encourage US firms to invest in Ireland, while also helping Irish companies that are looking to get a foothold in the American market.

Our vision is for companies who are looking to expand into Europe to choose Ireland as their location of choice and to have the information, trust and contacts to execute their plans. 



 Our most recent events were held in London in October 2022 


In April 2022 a delegation of 70 Irish business leaders and former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern visited Chicago and Boston to reconnect  with our US based connections after a 2 year break due to the pandemic. In October the group headed to London for a number of events to promote US/UK/EU trade. The events were broadcast live on Newstalk.

Our next events will take place in Boston, Chicago and New York in March 2023.


Find out about the upcoming trip below:


Boston College Peace Dinner
March 29th 2023, Boston

The Boston College Ireland Business Council & Ireland Gateway To Europe are hosting the Boston College Peace Dinner on March 29th 2023 in downtown Boston. This very special event is being planned to commemorate the 25 year anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement and to celebrate Senator George Mitchell’s distinguished contribution to the peace process in Northern Ireland where he will be awarded the Irish Institute Leadership Award.

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